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Taos Seed Exchange

The Taos (New Mexico) Seed Exchange is a free community service for home gardeners to swap seed. There are exchange stations in progressive, non-gardening businesses around the county.

2018 will be our 6th year! It is shaping up to be even different and more beneficial for Taos gardeners. The Taos Seed Exchange is an experiment, just like gardening, so we focus on what works best, which changes every season.

Seed Angels are the generous and visionary local businesses that give us a little space for a seed exchange station for the season. These are coffee shops, small markets, and second hand stores.

Seed Fairies are the vital and generous seed donors. They are local growers and non-GMO seed companies from around the country.

If you would like to be a Seed Angel or a Seed Fairy, please contact me! You will be doing a gracious thing for our community, and I will market your business for the year. I will list you on the website, Facebook page, and in written materials at events. I also network through word-of-mouth and use the various donor businesses as drop off points or meeting places. You get a lot of ‘air time’!

Read about the Fairies and Angels of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017!

Rick Aragón, manager of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in 2013, made this short video of me explaining how the seed exchange works. Thanks, Rick!

If you would like to start a seed exchange where you live, read How to Build a Seed Exchange as a guideline. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Use the information to make a seed exchange that works for your town or region. And don’t be afraid to change it, if need be! There are no rules!

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2018 Seed Angels (host businesses):

Dixon Market
Habitat ReStore – This is set up year round.

2018 Seed Fairies (donors):

Blue Island Library Seed Library, Blue Island, IL
Howe Memorial Seed Library, Breckenridge, MI
Bounty Beyond Belief (BBB Seeds)
American Meadows
High Mowing Organic Seeds
White Harvest Seed Company
John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
Siskiyou Seeds
Sow True Seed
Adaptive Seeds
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
High Ground Gardens

I have gotten some beautiful seed donations from local gardeners, too!
More to come!

Peas and corn grown at 9000′ in Colorado:

Monetary Donations

The Seed Exchange is run entirely on donations. It started with $200 of my own money, and I put in 200 hours just to set it up. Seeds and plants were donated all season, and I restocked and cleaned up each station weekly.

I am a garden writer, which pays my bills, but I volunteer my time and money to operate the Seed Exchange.

If you could make a donation of any amount, gardeners around Taos County and I would appreciate it!

I do not have non-profit status, so this is not tax deductible! Just know that it is going to a wonderful cause, a much-needed service in our community. You will be added to the list of Seed Fairies in all the marketing materials.


Many, many, many deep and heartfelt thanks!

Taos Seed Exchange, Taos, New Mexico