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There are three events this year!

  • Feb 20 from 11-2 at Flowerdust Fruit Market on 64W. This is a bake sale and fundraiser, too.
  • Mar 19 at 10am-1pm at the Juan I Gonzales Agricultural Building on Chamisa Road. This will the be the 3rd Annual, the big one, with demonstrations, and lots of gardeners and extension agents to speak with.
  • 3rd Annual Taos Seed Swap, Taos NM

  • April, time and date TBD, Dixon Community Center, in conjunction with the Embudo Valley Library, and hopefully the unveiling of their new seed lending library. (March update! This may be pushed back to the fall.)

Donations of seeds and cash are welcome! The Taos Seed Exchange exists because of generous donations from all of you, so sort through your seeds, and contact me!

You can make a monetary donation of any amount below. We had a bake sale at the first seed swap, which was successful all the way around. If I could raise another $600, I’d be happy! Expenses include advertising; paper, ink, and markers for signs and handouts; coin envelopes, pens, tape, and scissors for trading seeds; and postage for seed donations. The room at the Ag Building has been donated, so that is a huge chunk of money saved. Many thanks to the Extension!

The Taos Seed Exchange is truly a community project. All of you make it work! Donations of any size keep it moving forward. Many, many thanks from all us gardeners!

I am NOT a non-profit, so it is not tax deductible.


3rd Annual Taos Seed Swap

It is time for Seed Saturday! The 3rd Annual Taos Seed Swap will be held at the Juan I Gonzales Agricultural Building on Chamisa Road on March 19 from 10am-1pm! The Taos County Cooperative Extension Service of NMSU is co-sponsoring it, and donating the space and literature. We hope extension agents will be available to answer gardening questions, and there will lots of info for you to bring home. Sounds exciting! Stay tuned for details!

Hundreds of people attend this event and bring locally grown and commercial seed for trade. There is a lot of gardening excitement, chatter, planning, and fun!

If you have no seed to swap, you can make a donation. There will also be Renee’s Garden Seeds for sale that you can buy for trading.

Come get excited about the upcoming growing season!


The 3rd Annual Taos Seed Swap is a free community service. It is run on donations of seeds, money, and volunteer time, but there are expenses for postage, ads, and supplies.

If you would like to donate to defray the expenses and make this an unforgettable event, please use PayPal below, or contact me for other options. There is a donation jar at the Habitat ReStore right now (late January), and I will add more at other seed exchange stations as I set them up next month.

I do not have non-profit status, so this is not tax deductible! Know that it is going to a wonderful cause, though, a much-needed service in our community.


Many heartfelt thanks!

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See you there!

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