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CSA Shares

sweetly seeds offers Sweet CSA Shares of starts and seeds. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Customers pay in advance for product giving the grower funds to get the season started.

Traditionally, growers borrow money over the winter for supplies, then they spend the rest of the season paying off loans. In Community Supported Agriculture, customers act as lenders, and they get paid back with the product the CSA offers.

CSAs also benefit YOU, the customer, who is guaranteed fresh product delivered in good shape, on time, and with a smile! Customers get to know their grower, what they are purchasing, and how it was grown. CSA is person-to-person and builds community. Customers also gain control over what they grow and eat.

CSAs support local business which boosts the local economy. Money stays in the community, instead of supporting perhaps a huge corporation on the other side of the country. Or world! It is a win for the grower, the customer, and the municipality.

Help yourself and a grower, and order a CSA Share! Thank you!

All our plants are grown without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or any other chemicals. All seeds offered are non-GMO.

Order through the links below.
And thank you for your business!

Sweet Spring Share – $55

Sweet Summer Share – $110

Build-Your-Own Sweet Share   (Special Orders)

Pay via PayPal, or contact me to pay with cash or a check. Prices include Taos County gross receipts tax.

“The starts I bought from you last year did great! I am happy to support you. You have a quality product.” Sue Holcombe

Please contact me with questions!

Thank you for your business,
and here’s to a productive 2018 growing season!