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Crowdfunding Seed Fairies

Seed Fairies

Businesses that host seed exchange stations are called Seed Angels. Seed companies and local gardeners that donate seed are called Seed Fairies. Donors during the Indiegogo campaign are also considered Seed Fairies, and you are listed on this special page! Thank you for your generosity, multiple donations, heartwarming support and creative ideas.

Marsha Webb
Nina Moustafa
Cathy Harrison x 2
Brigid Meier
Mary Katz
Chris Bundy
Susan Akins
Susan Kohl x 2
Terry Lattimore
Chad Belvill
Claudia Helt
Taos Hemp
Sean Flaherty
Mike Lewinski
Irina Sels
Nyna Matysiak
Carolina Tammen
Z Best Scones – Frank and Nancy Zinno
Meg Meiser
Coral Pitkin
Julie McCole
Melody Romancito
Mary Green
Anandi Premlall
Marci Weggel
Scarlet Southern
Pamela Scalora
Joel Whitehead
The Hummingbird Project
Brooks Morris
Anonymous x 3

Taos Seed Exchange, Taos, New Mexico