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2018 Build-Your-Own Sweet CSA Share

Build-Your-Own Sweet Summer Share

You can build your own share from anything listed below for June planting. Delivery is approximately May 30. Plants will be hardened off and ready to be planted in the ground or in containers.

All orders must be picked up by June 4th,
or they will be donated to someone else!

Contact me with questions and to place your order.

swiss chard is a great fall crop6-packs, $6 each. Flat of 6 (you can mix ‘n’ match), $35:

Curly Kale
Red and Green Leaf Lettuce
Tulsi Basil
4 O’Clocks
Red Snapdragons from local seed
Swiss Chard – – – Sold out!
Basil – – – Sold out!
Sweet Bell Peppers – – – Sold out!
Mini-snacking peppers – – – Sold out!
Hot Chile Peppers – – – Sold out!
Shishito Peppers – – – Sold out!
Red Cabbage – – – Sold out!
Green Cabbage – – – Sold out!
Marigolds – – – Sold out!

4″ pots, $4 each. Flat of 18, $65:
Yellow Summer Squash – – – Sold out!
Lemon Cucumbers
Pickling Cucumbers
Acorn Squash
Delicata Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Italian Flat Leaf Parsley (just a few)

Tomatoes: Quarts, $7; Gallons, $12
Red Cherry – Heirloom
Black Cherry – Heirloom
Yellow Cherry – Hybrid
Roma/Paste – Heirloom
Slicer – Heirlooms and hybrids – Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Chianti Rose, Beefsteak, Bison, Super Tomato. Bison and Super Tomato were grown at 8000′ in Crestone, CO – nice high altitude slicers!

Contact me with questions and to place your order.

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Green Beans

Thanks for your business! Let’s get gardening!