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12.5.18 me_4416sweetly seeds is owned by Nan Fischer of Taos, New Mexico. It was a long time in the making. There was a local seed company for sale in the mid-90s, and Nan almost bought it. For many reasons, she didn’t, and she always regretted it. When her daughters were grown up and on their own, she decided it was time to pursue this dream.

It started in 2013 as the Taos Seed Exchange. When gardeners saw the seed swapping stations, they wanted to buy the seed. Nan started sweetly seeds to offer seed for sale in 2014.

Then there were the gardeners that didn’t want to grow plants from seed, so the requests came in for nursery starts. sweetly seeds now offers CSA shares of starts and seeds, always has extra for sale, and accommodates special orders.

sweetly seeds will only offer seed and plants that are non-GMO. In the spirit of preserving bio-diversity, it will also offer as much open-pollinated and heirloom seed as possible. With Monsanto bearing down on seed companies and small farms, it is up to home gardeners to save good seed.

Think back to the sustainable era before the Industrial Revolution. Families grew their own food and bartered for what they did not have or for services. They were self-sufficient, living with the cycles of the earth, not in the direction society is headed today. If you eat, you are responsible for turning things around. Start by growing your own food, saving seed and sharing.

Seed Exchange Station

Taos Seed Exchange

Retail Rack of Renee’s Garden Seeds

renee's seeds

Sweet Summer CSA Share

summer CSA share

Homegrown zucchini!

grow your own!

Share. Grow. Eat. Repeat.