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Growing Hemp for Industrial Purposes


I have written about hemp several times. Now that it may become legal to grow in New Mexico, I am seriously thinking about getting some acreage to become a hemp farmer.

About 25 years ago, I discovered lots of cheap land in Canada, and I spent a couple of years looking for a piece I liked so I could grow it. It’s been legal there for decades. We are so slow in this country, but that’s not a topic for this website!

Anyway, being a hemp farmer has been on my radar for years! I might finally get my chance….

Have Hemp Will Travel is my latest blog post at BuildDirect, where I am a home and garden writer. Hemp to the rescue for farmers, producers, consumers, and the environment! Let’s start building planes, trains and automobiles out of hemp! Again!

hemp vehicles, model T, henry ford

Henry Ford in his hemp Model T
photo Creative Commons from PBS


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