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Raising Money for the 2nd Annual Seed Swap


The Taos Seed Exchange and the Taos Seed Swap are free community services. They do incur expenses, though, especially the seed swap on March 28th.

This year’s event will cost almost $1000. Here is a partial breakdown:

150 – The Fireplace Room at the Quality Inn
435 – Taos News 1/2 page ad
200 – Santa Fe Reporter ad
100 – Supplies (paper, ink, pens, tape, envelopes, signs, scissors, etc)
28 – Postage for seed donations received

913 – Total so far

UPDATE: As of April 15, we raised $920! We’ve got it covered! Thank you so much! You guys are great.

UPDATE: As of March 24, we have raised $520. The donations have been generous, even at the seed exchange stations! You all are wonderful! You can still donate through PayPal below, or at any of the seed exchange stations (Taos Herb, Pieces, More Pieces, Habitat Restore, and ReThreads). There will be a donation jar at the Seed Swap on Saturday, too. Thank you!!!

I’m reaching out to my community and everyone who has supported the Taos Seed Exchange since its beginning two years ago. This project has been built by all of Taos, northern New Mexico, and gardeners and seed savers around the world. I never could have pulled this off by myself. That sounds like a speech at the Academy Awards, but I am truly grateful!

Your donations will go to a worthwhile cause that Taos needs. Your names will be listed as Seed Swap Fairies, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. If you have a website I can link to, please let me know!

Locally, there are donation jars at the Habitat ReStore, Pieces, More Pieces, ReThreads and Taos Herb. You can also use the PayPal button below, or contact me for other payment methods. This is not tax deductible, as I do not have non-profit status. Thank you so much! Let’s make this the best seed swap ever!

Many, many, many deep and heartfelt thanks!

Taos Seed Exchange, Taos, New Mexico

2nd Annual Taos Seed Swap


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  • Bleuzette 03/04/2015, 11:56 am

    I am not a gardener but I love to support my local growers. I am so grateful to you Nan for your dedication to clean, safe seeds for the clean, safe future of our food.

    • nan 03/04/2015, 12:04 pm

      Thank you so much, Bleu!! I love you! You are also working wonders with the dog community here in Taos. I appreciate that! Mwah!

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