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One More Reason to Grow Your Own Food


Genetically modified seeds and RoundUp herbicide are bedfellows. Big Ag that grows GMO seed must use RoundUp to keep fields free of weeds. The weeds that RoundUp is supposed to kill have rebelled. They refuse to die and have been coined ‘Superweeds’. Farmers who have sown GMO seed have increased their usage of RoundUp. The weeds survive.

Dow AgroSciences has now developed a stronger herbicide that is a combination of glyphosate (RoundUp) and 2,4-D. Along with 2,4,5-T, 2,4-D is half of the herbicide Agent Orange that defoliated Vietnam during the war. I’m sure we’ve all seen photos of the birth defects from Agent Orange that are affecting children born today, generations later.

As though a new and more toxic chemical herbicide isn’t bad enough, Dow is also developing seeds that are resistant to it! Have they learned nothing from Monsanto’s Superweed problem?! Monsanto modified seed and made an herbicide that would kill weeds and not the crop. It failed! Why are they doing it again?! Is Dow expecting different results?

2,4-D is linked to endocrine disruption (as most pesticides are), cancer, and genetic mutations. It kills plants by changing the way the cells grow. It follows suit (seems to me, anyway) that cell growth in humans would change, too, by ingesting or inhaling 2,4-D.

Spraying this toxic cocktail, called Enlist Duo, would also pollute waterways. It is toxic to fish as well as humans. The Pigeon River in eastern Tennessee had no fish in it when I was there 20 years ago. The dioxin discharged into the river from a paper mill in North Carolina killed them all. The river was dead. It was surreal to see. And smell.

Doctors, scientists and researchers are asking that Dow not be granted approval for Enlist Duo. That speaks volumes! If Enlist Duo and its accompanying GMO seed are approved, it will not only hurt people and the environment, it will set a precedent for more of the same. There will be SuperDuperWeeds, then an even more toxic herbicide will be developed, and on and on.

When will it end? They may as well just bring back DDT! There seems to be no concern for any type of life when decisions are made about how our food is grown.

garden organically

The best thing you can do is grow your own food and garden organically. Take care of the soil, and the soil will take care of you. Grow seed that you or someone locally has saved. It will be acclimated to the region and will produce hardier and more vigorous plants. Put food up for winter so you know what you are eating.

Alternatively, shop at the farmers market or a local farm. Grill the farmer to see what his/her growing practices are. You will not find GMOs in Certified Organic food, but many farmers grow organically without certification. Look for Certified Naturally Grown, too, which is a cleaner version of Certified Organic.

Ask questions! Know where your food comes from! You can find responsibly grown meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables at Local Harvest.

Eat whole foods, too. Most of the GMOs and toxic chemicals associated with them are hidden in processed foods as filler ingredients. A trip to the supermarket is getting scary. Make the effort to find good food, because you truly are what you eat. Healthy food = healthy body.


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