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5 Easy Vegetables to Grow


When I started the Taos Seed Exchange, I had the chance to meet many people who were new gardeners. They were waking up to the dangers of pesticides and GMOs, and they wanted to take control of their food source. They looked to me for seed, plants and advice. Here are a few vegetable varieties I recommended for these beginning gardeners.

Green Beans and Dry Beans – I worked on a farm years ago, and the owner said, ‘If you want to feel like a farmer, grow beans.’ Beans have a high germination rate, so you lose less seed. They are vigorous and need little care. You can eat them raw or cooked. They are open-pollinated, and it is easy to save the seed for the following year. If you are short on space, you can grow pole beans on a trellis.

Easy Vegetables to Grow - Green Beans

Lettuce – There are so many varieties of lettuce, it’s impossible to get bored with salad! They all germinate quickly, again making you feel like an experienced grower. You get the most food for your dollar with lettuce mix, since you cut it small, and it keeps on growing for many more harvests. Lettuce grows so quickly, you can harvest heads and replant for a second picking. Make your own salad dressings for a unique salad every night!

Easy Vegetables to Grow - Lettuce

Peas – Like beans, peas germinate quickly and grow with little care. They need to be trellised for easy picking. Poles spaced along each row with a few rows of twine strung down the length make a simple, inexpensive trellis. You could also put up a wall of chicken wire for pea tendrils to grab on to. Peas are an early crop, and once they have been harvested, you can plant something else in its place.


Radishes and Salad Turnips – These are early crops that germinate fast and are ready for harvest in 30 days. Again, you can replant those rows once you have harvested them.

Easy Vegetables to Grow - Radishes

Zucchini – If you ever wondered why your friends are desperately giving away zucchini in late summer, it’s because it’s easy to grow and very prolific. Seed germinates quickly for almost instant gratification, and plants are ready to go in the ground in only four weeks. Once they start flowering, you will have zucchini to give away or put up for winter. You will surely be proclaiming, ‘I am a Farmer!’ during your daily harvest!

Easy Vegetables to Grow - Zucchini

So if you want to ‘feel like a farmer’, start with these vegetables. And start small! It is easy to get excited and overplant, but then you get overwhelmed and give up. Get Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. This will be your bible. Now, more than ever, it’s time to grow our own food to be sure of what you’re eating and to tell Monsanto you don’t want GMO food.


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