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Gifts for Gardeners


When my daughters were little, my mother would call in mid-October and ask what they wanted for Christmas. Really, mom?! We were working on Halloween costumes, not wondering what they might want in two months! Now that my mom is gone and the girls are grown, I miss those silly phone calls. I can’t help but think about the holidays this time of year.

So if anyone IS thinking about gift giving, here are some ideas for your gardening friends and family.

> First of all, sweetly seeds has gift certificates! sweetly seed money is good towards seeds, starts and any other products and services I have. There is no expiration date.

sweetly seed money gift certificate

> Gardeners never have enough tools. Shovels, pitchforks, trowels, pruners, hoses, watering cans, wheel barrows, garden carts, row cover, and on and on. Go to the garden section of the hardware store to get some ideas. Larger nurseries operate year round, and there are plenty of places to shop online. My favorite is Gardeners Supply.

> How about accessories? Containers and planters, hats, gloves, trellises, garden clogs, plant stands, potting soil, harvest baskets and tomato cages are welcome gifts.

> Something from your garden is really special! Herb vinegar, herb butter, dried flowers, seeds, pickles and dried herbs have that personal touch. Make a creative package that says you all over it!

> Consider gift certificates for large items such as a potting bench, a shed, outdoor furniture, a pergola or a dump truck full of compost (that would suit me fine!).

> Bird feeders, a birdhouse, nesting pockets, suet or seed provide entertainment for us, and food and shelter for our feathered friends. I have birds in my nesting pockets on winter nights, and I get a wonderful variety of them at feeders full of black sunflower seeds and thistle. A hummingbird feeder is always welcome, especially in Taos! How about a bird identification book and some binoculars?

> Gardeners need to know the weather! Buy a rain gauge, a barometer, a high-low thermometer or a small home weather station.

> Make a gift certificate of your own with the promise to help in the garden for a certain number of hours. You could also offer to buy and plant a shrub that is good for bees. Do you need to thin out your plants? Offer some of your divisions. How about a gift certificate for some of your delicious garden produce or preserved goods?

> Books, books, books. Winter is the time to read up on gardening techniques, get ideas and plan, plan, plan! Visit your bookseller to support local business, but there is always Amazon, of course.

I’m not much of a shopper, so when I do buy, you can be sure practicality is the theme. Gardeners will appreciate and use the gifts you buy them. Trust me!

gifts for gardeners


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